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Computer Repair / Maintenance


Do you offer on-site services?

Yes. Most upgrades, repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting can be done on-site, however, it may be necessary for in-shop service for more sever problems.

What type of repairs do you offer?

Hangbok Designs is a full service computer repair shop. This includes but not limited to; upgrades, adware, spyware, malware, virus removal, software / hardware issues, troubleshooting and parts replacement.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to replace my computer than to fix it?

This depends on the age of your computer and what is wrong with it. In most cases the cost of repairing your computer is between $60.00 and $200.00 not inclunding parts. In some cases it is cheaper or better to replace your computer than to fix it.

I have a virus on my computer. How much do you charge to remove it?

The simple answer to this question is $75.00. However, if you have a virus you may also have adware, spyware, malware, registry problems, or other symptoms that may not be related to just a virus. In the event your computer is infected with more than just viruses Hangbok Designs will present you with an up front price quote for repairing your unit.

What is adware?

Adware is software installed on your computer to show you advertisments. Adware can slow your computer and your internet connection down. Adware can also cause instability in your computer because these applications are not programmed well.

What is spyware?

The basic answer to this question is spyware is any program or software that gathers information without the users knowledge from your computer such as browsing habits and sends this information to any interested party for the use of advertising. Some spyware can even gather your email addresses, bank information and credit card information and send it to someone else. This could cause identity theft, unknown withdrawls from you bank account, or unknown charges on your credit cards. Spyware is usually but not always bundled with software such as freeware or shareware (Limewire, Bear Share, KaZaA, iMesh).

Some spyware such as CommonName, MarketScore, and Gator can affect your computer performance, and can prevent you from login in or accessing some secured web services.

What is malware?

Malware and viruses have been sort of lumped together as the same thing. However, there are differences between them. Basically, malware is malicious software and is typically used to cause damage to your computer, networks, or server regardless if it is a virus, spyware, etc.

Malware can hijack your browser, redirect your search attempts, give you nasty pop-ups, track the websites you visit, and generally make you want to throw your computer in the trash. Malware can cause your computer to become unbearably slow and unstable because like adware and spyware they are not programmed well. Malware can even re-install itself after it has been removed or hide themselves deep inside Windows making removal difficult.

What is computer maintenance and do I really need it?

Computer maintenance is necessary for a healthy computer. Like your car your computer needs regular daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance to keep running smoothly and to head off future costly repairs. Hangbok Designs does offer monthly, semi-annually, and yearly maintenance programs in-shop and on-site. Contact us at 770-389-3269 for more information.


Data Recovery


What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering lost documents, photos, graphics, system files from a hard drive.

My hard drive has been reformated, can you still recover my files?

Yes. In most cases we can recover your files even if your hard drive has been reformated up to 3 times. As long as Bios can see your hard drive we can recover most to all of your lost files.




What is networking?

Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.

I want a wireless home network, but I don't know anything about it. Can you help?

Yes we can setup your home wireless network and take the pain out of it for you. We can answer all your questions, recommend equipment need and come to you and setup it all up for you.



Computer Upgrades


I want my computer to go faster. Will upgrading help? What should I upgrade?

Upgrading can help your computers speed, depending on the age of the computer. In most cases upgrading the RAM or memory is the cheapest and most cost effective way to speed up your computer. You can also upgrade your hard drive along with the memory for more an additional speed boost. Measure the cost of the parts and labor carefully as you may come out cheaper buying a new system.

My CD/CD-R/DVD/DVD-R stopped working, can I replace it?

Yes you are able to replace your CD/DVD devices. These replacements are more complicated than installing memory, so if you are wary of opening your computer please contact a professional for your upgrades.

What type of upgrades do you do?

Hangbok Designs is a full service shop and can upgrade your RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Sound card, Video (graphics) card, CD ROM, DVD ROM, Ethernet (network) cards, etc.


Web Design


Web Development


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